Top 10 most beautiful locations for
Wedding & Save the date
photo shoot in Tel Aviv

A list of places that we suggest as a place
for wedding photo and video shooting in Israel
'For nice photo I need just one square meter of good looking background to make an amazzzing portrait'
Old Railway Station
Took right photographer with prime lenses that will blur another bride on the background with their shallow depth of field :)
Your freind's cafe/appartments/roof
For sure you have friend or friend of friend in Tel Aviv that has nice cafe, office even flat with a roof where you can take amazing photos during warm sunny israeli days. Here on a photo one of the place in Jaffa
Nevezedek, Tel Aviv
Nice location that looks like a southern France, just don't go to close to Shabbazi road. To many nice fashion boutiques for such short time of photo shooting.
Tel Aviv Skyline
in Old Jaffa
Tel Aviv is flat city and sometimes is to boring have just buildings, sea or walls as a background. 2 minutes walk from the old city and you will get amazing place with skyline of Tel Aviv
North Port Tel Aviv
Great modern location for couples that want to make their wedding photo shoot more europenean
Your hotel
If you don't have friends, that has nice location. Rent a hotel for preparation. Usually hotels give opportunity to shoot inside.
Roof, halls, lounge zones - all of them are places for unforgettable pictures and best place for headshots. Only what you should have in mind that you have to be prepared 1 hour before your schedule.
In Israel with "teenu, tishtu, tuchlu" sometimes it is really difficult :)
Old Jaffa
Hey! Do you know this place in Jaffa? There are lots of place that you never saw before. Spirit of Middle East in any corner just in two steps from touristic places.
Wolfson park
"Egypt station" it is not only new album of Paul McCartney it is also place in Tel Aviv, that looks like modern pyramids. Fashion photographers loves this place and make their production there. Nice Skyline to Tel-Aviv included. No kosher for Pesah. We went out from there. :)
Japanese Garden
in Holon
15 minutes ride from Tel Aviv to the South will get you to quite Japanese garden in Holon. You will realize yourself like in Europe. I don't know why it is Japanese garden :)
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