Handmade Leather Camera Straps
Be Outstanding!
The Multi-Camera strap
that makes you money
Dual camera leather strap
styled, harness, leather
This fashionable, high-end camera harness is made of high-quality english leather and holds 2 cameras—two at your hips and additinonaly you can mount one at your chest.

The 2.8-4cm wide straps connect to our "X"-shaped PART on your back for additional support

This PART gives you opportunity to customize your strap with your logo.

Speed clutch mechanism allows the camera to slide easily along the harness to bring the cameras to eye level.

Camera accessory clips screw into the cameras' tripod sockets and there are hefty metal D-rings on the front of the straps for attaching the included camera leashes for attaching a third camera or accessories such as a pouch or an HF luggage tag wallet
The Multi-Camera strap that makes you money
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