Photo & Video Shoot
in Venice
for Bridal designers
We are team that create selling content for your brand
What you will get
Video clip
Do you have Instagram, Facebook, Website, YouTube we will make you content for this social networks. Short and long, Vertical and horizontal, romantic and dynamic
Photo of you dresses
Luxury photos for you catalog, website, social network and advertising
Transfers, logistics, models, castings, additional services of coordination
About us
We are team that works in weddings sphere more than 10 years can create an amazing content that you new brides will love so much
Why is it important to Venice in portfolio
Spirit of luxury
Venice is not a cheap city. To make wedding you need to be very reach. to have photos of professional models posing next to the channels can provide grow of you name to the brides
It is different
There are so many places to shoot that if you already made one shoot here we will find you completely different story for a NEW collection
It is new era of advertising
Instagram, YouTube together with AdWords changed the world. So we know not only photography and videography, but also how to sell it
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