Top best Ulpans in Tel Aviv

Top best Ulpans in Tel Aviv

  • Nevezedek
    A relatively recent addition to the Ulpan scene (established just four years ago), Ulpan Neve Tsedek stands out by focusing on smaller class sizes (with under 20-25 students) as compared to Gordon. Nestled within the charming Neve Tsedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv, with weekly sessions ranging from 8 to 25 hours. Experience the benefits of personalized attention, skilled educators, and impressive language proficiency outcomes!
  • Ezion
    Buy clothes online with free delivery from some sum better prices than in offline shops
    The website aggregates prices from different stores and you could find spot with better prices
  • Wolt
    Food delivery service

Top best Ulpans in Jerusalem

  • Waze (by Google)
    Waze is the best navigator. It was bought by Google, but it is still better than Google Maps in Israel. It is take in mind also traffic and toll roads
  • Yango Taxi \ Delivery \ Market \ Scooters
    Yango came to Israel as taxi service, but right now you can find Food Delivery, Scooter sharing and market service in it
  • It is not possible to pay by cash or with credit card inside autobus. So If you plan to stay in Israel longer so 
  • Tier
    "Korkenet" electric scooter sharing service 
  • Pango
    To pay parking in Israel on a blue-white lines. Grey is free. It is really hard to find public parking in a streets of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givataim and Jerusalem. Be careful that there are places that aloud to park only for local citizens
  • Moovit
    if you want to know time when the bus or train will come to the station you have to use this app. It is also allows to pay for your ticket with scaning QR-code in a bus
  • Gett / Uber
    There is no idea of Uber in Israel because taxi driver have to have a license. You don't have a final price to your ride and so no matter how it is called Uber, Gett or Yango they are taxi service apps. In Tel Aviv nowadays you could wait for a taxi for 1 hour because of traffic and constructions so order taxi in advance or use public transport

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