Wedding Makeup Unveiled: Expert Tips for Breathtaking Bridal Beauty

For Middle East and Israeli brides

Wedding make in hot climate (Israel)

Wedding makeup holds a special significance, especially in hot climates. Achieving the perfect balance between thickness and lightness is crucial. To attain this, it is important to select a non-greasy foundation that can be evenly applied and offers excellent pigmentation. Even if the foundation is in liquid form, it should possess enough opacity to provide good coverage and create a smooth complexion without appearing overly heavy. This ensures that the bride's face looks stunning both in person and in photographs.

When it comes to highlighters, it is advisable to avoid excessive application. Since most of the wedding photography takes place outdoors, the sun's rays can transform an excessive glow into an undesirable shiny appearance, reminiscent of a greasy pancake. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a subtle and natural-looking glow on the skin

About eyelashes

It is highly undesirable to use tape eyelashes, as their edge can come off at any time and all makeup will be ruined. I use exclusively bundles of different lengths, different degrees of curl. This allows me to create different effects of the shape of the eyes, and even if one beam suddenly falls during the celebration, no one will notice this and the makeup will remain. After the bundles are glued, mascara can be used. The mascara lifts its eyelashes, embellishes them, connecting them with the bundles, and the bundles of eyelashes look like real ones, making the bride's look irresistible!

Makeup of Eyes

Eye makeup holds great significance and allows the bride to express her personal style and preferences. When it comes to the products used, longevity is key. Many individuals have experienced issues with eyeshadows crumbling or appearing too sheer. However, the secret to achieving long-lasting eyeshadow lies in the application technique rather than solely relying on the price or texture of the product.
While using professional or high-end cosmetics is preferable, it is worth noting that high-quality mass-market options can yield equally impressive results when applied by a skilled professional. Each section of the eyelid requires a specific application and shading technique to enhance its beauty. Additionally, using a good eyeshadow base serves as a crucial step in creating a flawless eye makeup look.

Blush and lips

How to do lip makeup also depends on the desire of the bride. Natural shades of lipstick look best, but if the wedding is themed, then you can afford anything from fuchsia to velvet black. What if you have an Addams Family style wedding? Why not?
About the texture: I don't like long-lasting lipsticks because they always dry out the lips. However, I repeat, this is the business of the bride. If you like it please!
It is advisable to buy lipstick in advance in order to take it with you in your purse and touch up your makeup.
The make-up artist selects the blush to match the lipstick and applies them last. Try to choose lipstick so that the shade of blush does not have to be made too brown. Beige-pink shades of different saturation are always a win-win option!
Yulia Zubareva
Wedding and Fashion makeup artist
Author of the article