10 weak points where e-commerce businesses
may lose their clients

We will not touch issues with product that doesn't match the description or is of poor quality, that directly prevent protentional customers
  • 1
    Poor user experience
    If your website is difficult to navigate or has a slow loading time, customers may become frustrated and look for alternatives
  • 2
    Complicated checkout process
    If the checkout process is too long or requires to fill too much information, customers may abandon their cart and look for a more streamlined process elsewhere.
  • 3
    Lack of transparency and trust
    If customers don't trust your website or the security of their personal and financial information. If the company is not transparent about their policies or prices it may prevent users to make purchase on your website
  • 4
    Poor mobile experience
    Statistics of several projects shows that more 70% of users come from mobile devices. If the website is not optimized for mobile, customers may have a difficult time making a purchase on their mobile device and choose to leave your website with no purchase
  • 5
    Limited payment options
    If customers can't use their preferred payment method, they may choose to buy from a competitor.
  • 6
    High shipping costs
    On some websites shipping cost could be too high, somewhere that prices appear only on checkout page so customers feel sad to see higher prices that they saw on a previous stage. This may prevent users from purchases also
  • 7
    Customer support
    How much time takes for user to get an answer from your online manager. If this time is more than 1 min you have to use just messengers. Customers will not wait on a website to get an answer
  • 8
    Most of clients doesn't make a purchase from the first look, but you already paid to  ads platforms to lead them to your website. Check if you have some marketing strategy how you return them back again
  • 9

    Lack of personalization:

    If customers don't feel that the website is tailored to their needs or preferences, they may choose to shop with a competitor that offers a more personalized experience

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