Guide for Artists: Photographers, Videographers, Makeup Artists and Stylists Just come to Israel

In this guide, you will find a list of useful links to help you start living and working in Israel. It took me over 8 years to gather the data at the very beginning of my journey in Israel
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About author
Photographer, Videographer, and Marketer in Israel

My name is Anton Mislavsky, and I am a photographer and videographer. I moved to Israel in 2015. The path of integration is not the easiest, so be prepared for the fact that the market for photography services, as well as the requirements, quality, and client demands, are different. The services of a photographer entail not only beautiful photos but also the service, and how we present our work and ourselves to new people. Be patient, don't get discouraged if something doesn't go as planned. Choose a direction that interests you for business development and leave some room for personal passion projects. Perhaps, if business is slow at the beginning, photography for the soul will uplift you!

Where to find a job for a photographer in Israel

90% of these websites are in Hebrew, but you're probably already learning the language in an ulpan, and studying them will be excellent practice for professional language. Install some Google Translate app on your phone, as they say here, and let's go!

Facebook groups
There are several Facebook groups where people look for and offer work. There is one problem though - the prices for such work are very low, and it's possible that in your own country you worked at higher rates than you might find in these groups. What to do? - Create a personal brand and don't tell anyone that you ever looked for work through these groups in Israel.
Instagram Target \ Google Ads
The effectiveness of such advertising largely depends on the offer and segmentation. Nowadays, almost nobody searches for photographers on Google, and my experience shows that it's not the most effective platform. Instagram works much better because clients can immediately see your offer, portfolio, and they don't need to leave their personal information to get in touch with you.
Second shooter
In Israel, weddings can have up to 500 guests, and it's not uncommon. Such events require documentary photographers. There's a chance to work as a second photographer. The price for a day of shooting ranges from 1000-1500 shekels without photo editing, and without the ability to publish them anywhere. It's a good opportunity to network in this industry, but you'll need a car. You can rent one.
Working with bloggers, even those with a small number of followers but with charisma, can lead to valuable connections for you. The key, however, is to know how to present your work not as a freebie, but as a bonus and a gift. I've mostly had negative experiences with such collaborations, but perhaps you'll have a successful story.
Freelance websites
Most Israeli exchanges exist solely because Israelis need people who understand Hebrew. In theory, the prices on them should be higher than on a similar English-speaking platform like Fiverr, where services are offered by residents of poorer countries than Israel.

Photo Studios Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Rishon, Haifa

In Israel, it used to be quite challenging to find studios for 2-3 hours. Most photographers rented their studios for half a day or a full day. This could cost anywhere between 1500 to 2000 shekels. Recently, more studios have started offering hourly rentals. In Israel, studios are seen as a competitive advantage over other photographers, and often, the studio business only pays off if the photographer actively uses it and occasionally rents it out to colleagues. Be prepared for the photographer to inquire about who you will be shooting for.

Studio Sheva
New Studio in Tel Aviv that already saw in her spaces Gal Gadot and several celebrities
Tel Aviv, תושיה 2
Edward Shtern Studio
Tel Aviv, Gershon Shats 4
Studio 404
White Cyclorama, fabric backdrops. It looks like there are small studios there... there are 3 rooms.
Bat-Yam, Arav Nissenbaum 29
New Studio in Rishon LeZion
Rishon LeZion, Freiman 5

Studio Savyon
White interior studio
Bat Yam, Nisenbaum 29
Studio Focus
White Cyclorama included
Bat Yam
Studio MoonStudio
Small studion in Haifa city, windows and rolling paper background
Haifa, Sapir 5
How can a photographer promote themselves in Israel?
Your main goal is to establish a word-of-mouth reputation that will further advance your career.

Websites to buy or sell electronics in Israel

I'll say right away that it's cheaper to buy electronics in Eilat city because the price is not include VAT that is high in Israel or in some trips to Dubai, but if you have to, here are the links. I recommend you to have a spare gear in case yours breaks. Repairs, like any services in Israel, are not cheap

Israeli Craiglist
The website has a very dated design from the early 2000s, but you can find a lot there. Everything is in Hebrew, but after a few days, you can learn to find what you need quite decently.
Best prices on
Find best prices, payment options here. Just Type your item and get result where is cheaper to buy. Keep in mind that prices for equipment in Israel are high, and it's cheaper to import it from abroad or buy it in Eilat without a VAT.
Several camera equipment store websites in Tel Aviv — a Tel Aviv store with a community of photographers and an annual discount day
Facebook groups for selling camera equipment in Israel
Online Flea market פשפישוק - Pishpeshuk
One more flea market
FUJIFILM X Israel here
CANON sales here
NIKON sales here

Where to Find Creative Collaborations (שיתוף פעולה)

The best way to make a name for yourself is to start collaborating with local representatives in your field as soon as you arrive in the country. Here are links to Facebook groups where you can find people for TFP projects. By the way, nobody here knows the term TFP. Here, it's called "שיתוף פעולה" (shituf peulia). From our experience, it's much more effective to actively search for potential collaborators and message them rather than making posts. These groups are frequented by a very specific community of professionals who may not have the freshest ideas of beauty. It's better to look for specialists on Instagram.
Search using hashtags #TelAvivPhotographer #צלם #אופנה #צילום #דוגמניות #צלםתלאביב #איפור

Israeli fashion magazines

In Israel, there aren't that many magazines, and here is a link to the ones I found. I'd be happy to add to the list

Online Fashion magazines in Hebrew

Consultation by Antonio Mislawsky

You ask me directly several questions consider your case

Job portals for photographers in Israel

Here you can often find vacancies for both photographers and videographers. There are also other options available, such as the local Head Hunter.

Полезные события в Тель-Авиве для фотографа

Tel Aviv Fashion week
проходит 16-19 марта
Bridal Fashion week
Проходил в феврале
Комьюнити с ежегодной выставкой
Русское комьюнити возглавляемое фотографом Лией Гельдман.

Tel Aviv Market
Маркет где можно встретить интересных дизайнеров для которых можно создавать контент
Israeli photography convention
Ежегодное "фотосходка" фотографов Израиля билеты от 150 шекелей

Model agencies

Israeli model agencies — links to top modeling agencies. The first one doesn’t even respond to emails, Instagram — maybe you’ll have better luck :)

Good luck!

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Renting Photo and Video Equipment in Israel

There are large companies that primarily offer equipment for video and film production, but you can also find photographic equipment from them.

More studios for rent

In Israel, unfortunately, I am not aware of studios with natural light like the ones we are accustomed to in our northern countries. There are hardly any high ceilings and slanting rays. What we are used to seeing in Paris, Berlin, London.
All studios here are small, mostly based on GODOX flash units, and prices on websites are listed without the Value Added Tax (VAT), which is 16-18%.
90% of studios are owned by photographers, and this is their monopoly in this market. This is their advantage over you and the clients. And this adds 500-2500 shekels to the price of your shooting day.

  • Photo: 140 NIS/hour min 4 hours + 18% VAT
    Video: 200 NIS/hour + VAT
    All day: 10 hours - 1800 NIS + VAT
    Address: Levanda 43, Tel Aviv
    Tel: 052-2200592
  • 2 hours - 300 shekels + VAT
    4 hours - 500 shekels + VAT
    8 hours - 800 shekels + VAT
    Address: Bdolakh St 15, Tel Aviv (near the zoo area)
    Tel: 052-3070221
  • Packshot studio with green background
    4 hours - 600 NIS + VAT
    8 hours - 1000 NIS+ VAT
    Address: Poriya St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    Tel: 0543344770
  • Video stuido
  • Price from 100 NIS/hour for photography,
    150 NIS/hour for video.
    Renting photo and video
    whatsapp: +972-546730716
    Address: HaBanim 9, Ramat Gan

Photography education and workshops

The best place to go if you want to work in Israel is the photographers' community. I honestly know a little, but here are a few places. One for those who speak Hebrew, the second for Russians.

  • Fashion photography workshops in Tel Aviv

Famous Israeli models

A couple of faces from this list on all the advertisements. Both the washing machine, the local Zara, the watches, the glasses, and the swimsuits. Well, that's the Eastern marketing, creativity, and color.

Fashion photographers Israel

Fashion stylists in Israel

Hila Gerby
This is a top stylist who only collaborates with top photographers, makeup artists, and models. You can't just get in touch with her casually, but you can get acquainted with those she works with. By the way, everyone acknowledges her difficult character, so let's see what comes next :)
Simon Elmalem
Fashion consultant and creative director of their own brand.
Eva Stark
Max Holden
Julia Bush
Nick Scheerbart
Anton Mislawsky
Israeli Photographer and videographer