Managing impulsive and undisciplined child modes

Alp Karaosmanoglu
22 May
17:00-20:00 GMT+3,Istanbul


Alp Karaosmanoglu
Psychiatrist, Advanced Schema therapist, Trainer and supervisor; Director at Psikonet, Turkey
Author of the books:
Relationships: Starting, Maintenance,
Ending, Something Bad Will Happen: Fear and Conscience (a book on Justice and Fairness and their effect on anxiety),
and I Want It All, I Want It Now; A New Approach for Entitlement impulsiveness
Forgoing short-term pleasure and comfort is important in order to complete day-to-day routines, responsibilities, and long-term goals. As a result, a person requires realistic limits. Individuals who did not have healthy limits set for them as children often have a hard time accepting realistic limits as a core need in adulthood. When introducing the concept of realistic limits to such individuals, their healthy adult side can appear to understand the concept even if their impulsive side rejects it altogether.
A new approach to the problem uses new model reconceptualized the "realistic limits" core need as "freedom" instead.
Clients with this presenting problem are afraid that "limits" will take away their comfort and freedom
To cope with this fear, these clients develop approval/status seeking behaviors
Impulsive and entitled behavior is also a way to save comfort for them

New Approach

The theoretical and empirical background of the freedom-focused approach, including new empirical findings about needs and coping mechanisms. The core need of the impaired limits domain.
The clinical applications of the freedom-focused approach, including the Upward Arrow technique (which helps clients understand and feel the need behind impulsive or entitled behavior) in addition to other experiential, cognitive, and behavioral techniques and therapy relationships. Schema Therapy techniques adapted for the freedom-focused approach
Insight into clients who see limits as "slavery" versus "sex, drugs, & rock 'n' roll"
Workshop Learning Objectives
Finding a balance
New findings
Techniques for a new approach

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22 May
17:00-20:00 GMT+3, Istanbul