Schema therapy for complex trauma

17:00 –20:00
Moscow Time
July 6,13

Judith Margolin & Robin Spiro

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Patients with histories of complex trauma present many unique challenges to schema therapists:

  • their histories are overwhelming
  • they usually become overly activated or dissociate
  • they have difficulties in developing a trusting relationship with therapists
  • Judith Margolin
    Specializes in the treatment of interpersonal trauma and dissociative identity disorder. Dr. Margolin is a certified Advanced Schema Therapist and Supervisor of Schema Therapy. She integrates mindfulness, compassion based treatments and DBT into her work.

  • Robin Spiro
    Certified Advanced schema therapist and Supervisor. Robin been practicing Schema therapy for 20+ years, specializing in trauma and dissociation. Experienced in the challenges of treating DID patients along with the full continuum of trauma. Integrates concepts and strategies from Family Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR.
Workshop Objectives
Effects of Trauma
To recognize the long-term effects of complex trauma on the self, the brain, and relationships
Phase-Oriented Approach
To understand the phase-oriented approach to the treatment of complex trauma
To identify challenges when working with patients' schemas and modes
Staying in window of tolerance
To be able to use vasovagal theory to help patients stay in the window of tolerance

Phase 2

Heal Memories of Trauma and Neglect. Learn how to identify underlying affects and meet patients' needs. Get familiar with titration methods which help patients to stay within the window of tolerance

Build safety and understanding. Learn how to establish an atmosphere of safety in the body, in the therapeutic relationship, and in the world. Learn more about specific somatic and contemplative interventions

Phase 1

Get Familiar with the Phase-Oriented Approach

Approach Current and Future Challenges with New Skills and Encouragement. Learn how to facilitate posttraumatic growth using behavioral, experiential and other methods

Phase 3

What you will get
Enjoyable interactive experience
Ask questions and learn online with experts of Schema Therapy
Secure atmosphere
Professional community that shares their cases and problems
Essential knowledge
to work with trauma
Learn how to make your work with patients who experienced complex trauma more effective

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Why Learning Schema Therapy

Experienced schema therapists
Connect with experienced schema therapists all over the world
Enjoy studying, stay connected
Interactive learning experience
Role play and practice with colleagues

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July 6,
July 13
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