Top locations for elopement wedding in Iceland

Choose your wedding location for photography in Iceland

Photography does not compare to making an important day like a wedding more interesting and memorable. Therefore, location is very important for photography.

One of the questions that couples ask me is which area is best for couple photos or bride and groom portraits. Depending on the bride and groom's personal preferences, the time of the wedding, the theme of the wedding, and which place is the most emotional and best for photography, I offer several locations from which they can choose.

Some people cannot choose their preferred place. So when it comes to choosing a particular place, I always suggest a good place that is very close to their home.

Your choice for a couple of photo shoots will be considered as we never know what the weather will do, whether there is a protest in the city, whether there is any road work or accidents, timing, etc.

The primary location for couple photography is the city and its historical places or modern spots, beautiful fountains, natural surroundings, and a park with beautiful landscape.

Many also prefer out-of-town locations, including golf courses, wineries, and other natural settings. Knowing the pros and cons of the positions discussed above is essential.

The city also has many architectural facilities for couples to take photos. In addition, there are various types of cafes, architectural buildings with stairs, city squares, historical monuments, and exciting sightseeing places like arches. If there is any natural disaster like a storm or rain, we will find an excellent place to hide in this city because no one knows the weather forecast.

Apart from the advantages of taking photos in the city, I think the only disadvantage is that during the summer it is sometimes so crowded with people and tourists that it is not easy to find a parking spot.

Even if a couple chooses a city for their photo shoot, I would say a golf course or a park would be the best choice, as they have a fascinating natural environment. But, of course, if it rains and the newlyweds get stains on their dresses, you're out of luck.

Depending on the time, you should choose the place to shoot the couple's photo. If you can't shoot the couple's picture on your wedding day, your whole arrangement will be in vain. For example, you want to take a couple of photos in the city, but if the photo shoot location is 50 km away from the reception area, it isn't easy to finish all the processes on the same day. Therefore, it is very important to have the reception and photoshoot close by or at the same place, respecting everyone's preferences by respecting the time.

We should always consider alternatives when choosing a location for couples photography. Everything should be planned according to the schedule of the wedding day, which must be discussed with your photographer in advance so that you can complete everything perfectly. It would help if you did not have any secrets that would surprise the photographer.