Jewish weddings

Locations for a wedding photoshoot in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, with its rich history and captivating beauty, offers a plethora of backdrops beyond the Old City for your dream wedding photoshoot. Whether you crave romance, nature, or a touch of urban chic, Jerusalem has something special for every

For the Romantics:

* YMCA Tower: Soar above the city with breathtaking panoramic views.
* Yemin Moshe & Montefiore Windmill: Stroll through charming alleys and capture the windmill's timeless charm.
* Independence Park: Find tranquility amidst nature's embrace in this sprawling park.
s magical sunsets and panoramic city

For The Nature Lovers:

* Gan Sacher Park: Relax amidst playgrounds, walking paths, a rose garden, and a small zoo.

* The Hebrew University Botanical Gardens: Immerse yourselves in a serene oasis teeming with plant life and ponds.

For the Panoramic Seekers:

* Haas Promenade: Capture breathtaking cityscapes with the Jerusalem Walls as your backdrop.

* Armon Hanatziv Promenade: Witness magical sunsets and panoramic city views.

For the Trensetters:

* Mahane Yehuda Market: Embrace the vibrant energy and kaleidoscope of colors in this bustling marketplace.

* Mishkenot Shaananim: Explore narrow alleyways, stone houses, and hidden courtyards brimming with history.

* The First Station: Unleash your creativity amidst a unique blend of historical buildings, trendy shops, and outdoor cafes.

Bonus locations

* Safra Square: Strike a pose against the backdrop of modern architecture and water features.

* Mahane Israel: Incorporate vibrant street art and murals into your photos.

* The Biblical Zoo: Create unforgettable memories with unique animal encounters.

* Mamilla Walk: Indulge in a luxurious photoshoot amidst chic stores and trendy restaurants.
Remember, these are just a list. You can choose any place you want that reflects your unique love story. Ready to capture your love story in Jerusalem? Let me help you to create stunning wedding photos and videos that you'll cherish forever. Stay in touch in WhatsApp