Professional Film photography

Save your moments by capturing your wedding with Kodak film
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Jewish Chuppah

Why to choose film photography option

Magic atmosphere
People choose film because of their spirit and atmosphere of some cinematic story
Modern digital cameras with 50+ megapixels and their extra sharpness doesn't give a chance for imagination. Wedding film photography doesn't give such details and viewer can visualize more. It is beautiful
It is surprise and fun!
With digital cameras we lost these incredible moment and pleasure of waiting results. No one knows what happened on a frame until it would be developed. Turn back to your wedding day with a film photography

That's me

My name is Anton Mislawsky and I am fan of people happiness ;)

How much does it costs

2 hours at daytime
2x36 (2 rolls of film itself + developing + scanning)
1500 ש"ח
3 hours at daytime
5x36 (3 rolls of film itself + developing + scanning)
2000 ש"ח
5 часов днём
5x36 (5 rolls of film itself + developing + scanning)
3600 ש"ח

I backup your wedding day with digital camera also

Everyone remember that stories when after developing of film photographers gets no pictures on it.
So I backup your photoshoot with digital camera.

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