Jewish weddings

Planning your wedding day schedule in Israel


As a wedding photographer, I strongly advise starting your wedding day plan with the Kabalat Panim in mind. Typically, this pre-ceremony reception starts at 18:00. To ensure a smooth flow, here's a suggested timeline that incorporates all the crucial moments leading up to your special celebration.

Getting Ready

The foundation of your day begins with preparation. Based on my professional experience, it's wise to allocate an additional 30 minutes to your getting-ready schedule. This extra time accounts for any unforeseen delays and ensures you remain relaxed. The final moments of preparation, especially the meeting with the groom for those first-look photos and last-minute adjustments, can extend by 30 to 60 minutes. Communicate this extended timeframe to your makeup and hairstylists to kick off your day seamlessly.

First Look with the Groom

This intimate moment between the couple before the whirlwind of the day begins is precious. Allocate sufficient time for these first looks, as they can be some of the most heartfelt photos of the day. This period also allows for any final touch-ups following your getting-ready session.

Wedding Photoshoot at Multiple Locations

Venturing out for your wedding photoshoot can be one of the day's highlights. Depending on your desired number of locations, this can span 2 to 4 hours. Typically, each location requires about 40 minutes, plus additional time for logistics, such as travel and finding parking. Remember, the beauty is in the details, so factor in ample time to capture those perfect shots without feeling rushed.

Transportation to the Venue: Mind the Traffic

When planning your transit to the wedding venue, it's crucial to consider potential traffic delays. Israel's roads can be unpredictable, so allowing extra time for travel can prevent any unnecessary stress on your big day.

Arrival at the Venue

Plan to arrive at the venue approximately one hour before the Kabalat Panim, around 17:00. This window provides a chance to take a brief rest, meet with your wedding planner, and locate your designated room, setting a calm precedent before the festivities commence.

Family Photos

Close family members should arrive 30 to 40 minutes before the first guests to partake in the family photo session. Although this typically requires around 20 minutes, having a time buffer is beneficial to accommodate any last-minute adjustments.

Kabalat Panim

The Kabalat Panim, or the welcoming of the faces, marks the official start of your wedding celebrations. Scheduled for 18:00, this is a time for guests to mingle, enjoy refreshments, and celebrate the couple before the ceremony begins.
By adhering to this detailed schedule, you can ensure a smooth, well-coordinated wedding day that allows ample time for each significant moment, leaving you to focus on the joy and celebration of your special day.