Top The most beautiful locations for a Wedding and Save the Date photoshoot close to Tel Aviv

Here is a list of places collected for Israeli brides by wedding photographer and videographer Anton Mislawsky

Old Railway Station

Took right photographer with prime lenses that will blur a bride on the background with their shallow depth of field :)
See the miracle through your photos.

View to the beaches

Between Jaffa and Tel Aviv there is a place with a beautiful view to both cities with stones and green grass. Good nature vibes can make your photos glorious and fresh-looking.

Some lovely cafe or rooftop - ask your friends

For sure you have friends, places that important for you that we can use as a location for photoshoot nice cafes, rooftops of your friends houses and gardens. They are also relevant for Israeli warm sunny days.
What makes every wedding unique is the couple at the centre of it all and also the friends they gather around them and the families who shaped their lives.

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Tel Aviv's Bauahus streets

The beginning of Burgashov street close to Dizengoff, Rotchild Boulevard, Habima square is a nice location to make your photos awesome.

Nevezedek, Tel Aviv

Nice location that looks like a southern France. If you do not go so close to Shabbazi road you will be able to find places with a small amount of people. There are a lot of nice fashion boutiques, houses and small streets to decorate your photos and videos.

North Port Tel Aviv

Great modern location for couples who want to make their wedding photo shoot more europenean.

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Tel Aviv Skyline in Jaffa

Tel Aviv is a flat city and sometimes it is boring to have just buildings, sea or walls as a background. Two minutes walk from the Old Jaffa and you are on amazing quite place with skyline of Tel Aviv.

Airbnb or hotel

Some AirBnb locations have amazing atmosphere. It is a good idea to rent it for you or your guests and make their morning preparation. Usually hotels give opportunity to shoot inside. Roofs, halls, lounge zones - all of them are places for unforgettable pictures and best places for making portraits.

Old Jaffa

Hey! Do you know this place in Jaffa? There are lots of such places that you never saw before. The spirit of Middle East in any corner just in two steps from touristic places.

Nahalat Beniyamin

Old streets of Tel Aviv next

Tel Aviv's Boulevards 

Rothchild, Chen, Nordau streets covered with Eucalyptus
Places close to Tel Aviv
Some places that close to Tel Aviv, but outside the city

Wolfson park

"Egypt station" in Tel Aviv - modern fashion pyramids. An a great skyline view to Tel-Aviv included

Japanese Garden
in Holon

Just 15 minutes ride from Tel Aviv to the South. Quite and pretty Japanese garden in Holon

Design Museum Holon

An amazing places with lines and geometry. Great for designers weddings

Secret Tropical Garden in HaYarkon Park

An amazing place with tropical plants under the sky. To enter we have to ask a permit in advance

Apolonia park

Ruins of Hordus castle on a Rock close to Netanya with an amazing view to the sea from the top and beautiful Israeli nature. Entrance fee

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