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top 50+ Israeli wedding dress designers

An Extensive list that will help you to find your gown.
Collected by Israeli wedding photographer
and filmmaker Anton Mislawsky

TOP 20 the most famous Israeli bridal and wedding dress designers

A list of brands of the most famous luxury Israeli bridal gown designers and links to their websites, Instagrams.
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A list of all Israeli gown designers that we found in Instagram

@narkisbridal — religious (bnei brak)
@clair.bridal — Kfar Saba
@inesbridal — wedding fashion
@mirazwillinger — Kikar HaMedina Tel Aviv. Luxury Bridal gowns
@arava_polak_bridal — Couture bridal wear Haifa
@rikidalal_official — Designer since 1974, Ashdod
@meital_first — Haifa
@karin_zalait — TEL AVIV


@studioalma_il — bridal showroom

@eliavatine — wedding fashion

@natali_rahamim Evening dress

@natali_hautecouture Evening dress

@karinaandriets Evening dress

@dg_by_dorgreenberg Evening dress

@asafdadushbridal wedding gowns boutique, designer from Tel-Aviv Israel

@vivibellaish_studio artistic designer
@cadena_fabrics_il - Premium Fabrics. Tel Aviv
@tanyaspector - Ashdod
@alvero_bridal - bridal and evening dresses. Holon
@etiamarazio0 - wedding and evening dresses. Kiryat Ata
@sara_ben_hamo - שמלות ערב
@yam_yagoodaev - Tel Aviv
@avivmaimon - Beer Sheva bridal dress designer
@brurya.raise.haritan - Jerusalem bridal gown designer (beatiful tznius dresses
@salomon.benaim - מעצב שמלות כלה Shoham
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